Fighting for Our Future

Kevin is committed to fighting for policies that will strengthen our communities. Fighting for policies that are fiscally responsible, while providing enhanced services for all residents.

Kevin is dedicated to:

  • Protecting our environment and Forest Preserve District for future generations.
  • Supporting our Small Business Community and providing assistance to the entrepreneur of tomorrow.
  • Expanding access to mental and behavioral health services.
  • Making health care more affordable and accessible to all.
  • Protecting working families and making sure that all individuals have the opportunity to earn a living wage.
  • Standing up against regressive taxes and making sure that no home owner pays a cent more than what is owed in property taxes.
  • Continuing to host seminars to protect seniors from fraudulent scams.
  • Fighting for the equitable distribution of county services and expanding language access.
  • Continuing to protect our County Forest Preserves, and ensure that we maintain the biodiversity of this valuable resource by expanding protections from invasive species.
  • Ensuring that our county’s civil services remain adequately funded to avoid hiring freezes, furlough days, and other issues which undermine vital services.